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Up your car interior aesthetics now

The soft rubber strip features a stylish electroplating coat that will instantly upgrade your car’s tacky interior. It offers a convenient u-clamp design that allows it to clasp quickly and securely into any straight air outlet. Preventing it from falling-off even when you brake harshly or drive through rocky roads. Furthermore, this decorative strip does not block the ventilation flow and it is also not distracting. Simply clean your air vents, cut it to match the length, install the trimmed strip, gently press to tighten and done. 

This flashy strip can complement any vehicle’s interior, suitable for cars, vans, minivans, pickup cars, SUVs, AUVs and more possibilities. No worries as it does not cause any scratches or other damages to your car surface. It is also extremely durable so you can use it for longer years without breaking or cracking its color.  

🚗Personalize your vehicle using this luxurious car vent decorative trim strip!✨   


🚗Bright Decorative Strip
This decorative accessory is coated with a stunning reflective color that will instantly turn your car’s interior a unique, elegant look. It clasp securely onto the air vent grille so you can hit the road without it falling off annoyingly through your vehicle’s floor. The trendy strip does not also block the ventilation flow and it’s flashy hue is not distracting in the eyes. Providing you a safe and comfortable driving experience with an added style.

🚗Quick and Easy Installation
The sleek car strip is easily trimmable and it also features a convenient u-clamp design for a swift installation. Simply wipe your air vent clean, measure its size and cut the strip using a scissor to match the length. Once done, directly clip the u-shaped side to your air outlet, press it gently to tighten and you’re good to go. No more messy glues and other adhesives needed. Moreover, this decorative strip does not cause scratches or any damages to your car surface.

🚗Universal Design
It comes in different dashing colors, including silver, red, blue, purple, gold, green, rainbow colors and so much more. It can complement and fit seamlessly into any straight air outlet. Giving your automobile a luxurious and personalized look. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles such as cars, vans, minivans, pickup cars, SUVs, AUVs and more possibilities.

🚗Premium Material
Made of high-quality, soft rubber PVC material with fine ABS electroplating that gives off a lavish style. It is highly flexible and provides waterproof and corrosion resistance. This car vent strip can withstand years of use without breaking or cracking its color. 


Material: ABS, Soft rubber PVC 

Color: Silver, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Red, Rainbow

Size: 200mm x 8mm


10 Pcs x Car Vent Decor Trim Strip

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