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🔩Quickly repair damaged bolts and tighten the nuts in place🔥saving tim

This tool works by way of a shearing metal layer by layer, thus simplifying the repair process and eliminates the need to replace expensive or hard-to-find hardware. With its safety conscientious design, it means no cut hands, no sparks, and no burns for you.



Quickly repairs damaged bolts and tightens the nuts in place

Features high strength and hardness for durability

Made of extremely hard stainless steel with three shaving teeth

Applicable to a variety of materials to solve your troubles.

Easy to use, efficient and effective

Can be easily carried in your tool pouch

Suitable for all kinds of chuck drill


Now, you won’t have to call anyone for help when something needs to be repaired around the house. With the Stainless Steel Deburring Tool, just quickly slap it into your hand drill and start repairing work pieces.


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