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American nanotechnology, anti-fog for 3 days once applied!

 Safe  Environmentally friendly √ No irritation  Long-lasting, suitable for 99% of lenses (glasses, goggles, helmet goggles, car window anti-fog).

Main Features

Practical Safety:

If you driving in cold weather can easily cause fogging of the glass, resulting in unclear driving routes.

After using the defogging agent, it will dispel this trouble and avoid the accident caused by fog.

Long-Lasting Anti-fog:

In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and glass products such as glasses are easy to fog, which affects the line of sight.

After smearing with an anti-fog pen, it can effectively prevent the generation of fog.

 One use can effectively prevent fog for 72 hours.

Unique Formula:

When used, the anti-fogging agent contains a coating that absorbs moisture, quickly disperses and dilutes moisture, making the glass transparent and fog-free.

Safe And Harmless:

The Anti-fogging Agent is purely neutral, no acid or alkaline, and will not cause damage to the human body and the car. 

You can use it with confidence.

Using Methods


Product Weight 40G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
15 × 3 × 3cm / 5.9 × 1.2 × 1.2inches
Package Contents Multifunctional Antifogging Agent × 1
Net content 15ml
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