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New ways to spin away your anxiety and stress anytime, anywhere!

This cool fidget toy was designed to be played with one hand, allowing you to be free to do other things while using it.

Perfect gift and adult fidget spinner Help with anxiety and minimize annoying habits, such as nail biting, shaking legs, or checking your phone.

Reactor Spinner Ring is easy to carry, do not require two hands, and most importantly, our customers find it perfectly appropriate in all professional settings.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Tangling with phone lines, spinning your pen, or doodling at your meeting notes, we all experienced it! Fidgeting an actual physical item on your hand can help you focus!

Limit Habit

Limit Habit

Biting your nails, checking your phone, slapping your fingers? Use our Reactor Fidget Ring to help keep your hands busy and limit those habits!


CNC machined aluminum alloy body.

S6804 hgiht-quality bearings.

Compact size, easy to carry.

100% Safety, not contain Mercury, Lead, or other harmful heavy metals.

Package including

Gear ring fidget spinner*1

Micro Fabric *1

Allen Wrench *1

Easy Carry Case *1

MULTIFUNCTIONAL COOL GADGETS – Use as anxiety relief items, break things in emergency, Touch-Free Hand Tools as button pusher.

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