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The cockroach trap can protect your home from cockroaches without using dangerous chemicals, sprays, repellents, or ultrasonic pest repeller that may harm a human beings, pets, or plants.


Reusable Design

There are 4 entrances for cockroaches to enter into the trap box when putting the baits on it.

And they cannot escape but stuck in until they die.

You can clean the roach trap box and reuse it.

Easy to use

Just put some baits inside the roach trap box, and place it on where is cockroach-infested.

(The cockroach love the sesame oil, brown sugar, you can use oil and sugar as bait.)

Easy to clean

The trap has the advantages that cadaver of a cockroach is easy to clean, not pollute your food, garment, carpet, and so on.

Wide use

This product can effectively capture cockroach at home, office, factories, restaurant, or any other place that cockroach easily to reproduce.

Safe and Safe

 Protect your home from cockroaches without using dangerous chemicals, sprays, repellents or ultrasonic pest repeller that can harm you, your plants, animals, and your family.

Bait Convenient and Simple

We don’t come with any bait, because the bait is bait convenient and simple, like the biscuits, cereal, sesame oil, butter, fish meal, and other cockroach love food.


1. Put a piece of the sweet flavor of biscuit bait or other food at bottom lure cockroaches.

2. A cockroach will go through the trap door for the biscuit than be trapped.

They would send a signal to lure more cockroaches in.

3. Before the cockroach dies, don’t separate cover and the seat, prevent cockroaches escape.

4. After cleaning the dead cockroach up, clear the machine once again with boiled water expose to the sun and prepare for the next time.

I put the cookies in the trap and then put them in three different places in the room.

The next morning, I was shocked. It caught so many cockroaches. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

I like it! What a great product!


Color:  transparent

Material: PP

Size: 140*140*45mm

Package including

1 x Cockroach Catcher Trap

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