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Sewer jet nozzles are great for general water pipe flushing and cleaning pipes, providing efficient, high-quality cleaning for soft sewer blockages such as grease, fine sand, hair, fine gravel, and general waste blockages.

The reverse airflow nozzles are composed of a 1 x 0Β° front nozzle to remove blockages and stubborn dirt, and 6 x 30Β° rear nozzles to flush loose debris and clean from the front nozzle.


Premium Quality:Β This sewer jetter nozzle is made from high quality stainless steel material, durable and rust resistant.

Function:Β This sewer jetting nozzle is used in wide range of cleaning applications, such as sewer and drain cleaning and industrial pipe and tube cleaning.

High Performance:Β Sewer jetting nozzle is easy to slide into sewer lines and drain pipes. Ideal for flushing debris or cleaning fixed pipes.

Applicable Case:Β 3/8BSP nozzle suitable for large trailer mounted equipment used for city municipal applications and commercial treatments.

Scientific Design:Β Designed with many backward holes drive the nozzle forward and flush debris.


The sewer nozzle creates 1 front jet and 6 rear jets

The nozzle is small enough for corners

Working pressure is up to 5000 PSI

Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, sturdy and built to last

The end of the sewer nozzle is a 1/4″ plug for quick connection

Suitable for hot water up to 310℉


Material:Β Stainless Steel

Color:Β As Shown

Interface:Β 1/4”

Weight:Β 68g




1 * Sewer Cleaning Tool High-pressure Nozzle

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