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Using a cotton swab like a plunger in the ear canal pushes the earwax deeper and deeper in.

One problem is that if you push the wax deeper inside, there’s no way for the wax to get swept out of the ear.

Also, cotton swabs can cause punctured eardrums and hearing loss.

In severe cases, the cotton swab can damage many sensitive structures behind the ear canal and cause complete deafness, prolonged vertigo with nausea and vomiting, loss of taste function, and even facial paralysis.

💎👂 The spring ear cleaner is very effective at removing wax built-up or impacted wax.

Includes a tool with a unique spring and spiral design, that can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning.

Skid-resistant ergonomics design, easy to control, and safe.

👂【Stainless Steel】: Made of stainless steel, the spring pick for the ear is durable and has no rust, and easy to clean and sterilize.

👂【Portable and lightweight】The ear cleaning spring is convenient for you and your family.

It is washable. Please clean the tool and keep it dry.

👂【Skid Resistance】 The design of this spring ear cleaner tool makes cleaning comfortable.

All tools are fully polished, all surface smooth and rounded, to prevent any irritation or scratching. The handles are designed for a secure, non-slip grip.

👂【Home Use】: This spring ear cleaning tool is a great and necessary product for home use.

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